Welcome to MCT Center

Medical Concierge Travel (MCT) is a central agency which is established to promote and offer the health tourism, which today makes an increasingly important role in the revitalization of the psycho-physical abilities of man.

We aim to promote an individual approach to the customer with a mission of our, so called, “All Inclusive” offer, that in the health aspect includes a carefully selected network of top healthcare facilities: from hospitals, clinics, internationally qualified doctors and specialists, body care & wellness facilities to travel organizations, transfers and accommodation.
With this approach we guarantee our clients advantages in the selections & use of certain health services.

Accomplishment of this mission is the goal of our young & innovative team of professionals with extensive experience in the field of tourism & health which are organized into several fields:

    • Research of the health tourism market
    • Selection of our business partners
    • Creation of package-arrangements
    • Placement on the international market
    • Consulting and realization
    • Offer development and cooperation improvement

Word of the owner at MEDICAL CONCIERGE TRAVEL :

“Throughout my professional career I realized the need of patients to promptly find the best professionals for their type of ailment. Years of experience in dealing with many patients and working in numerous institutions within Romania and abroad, gave birth to an idea– how to find all the information about the best treatments and specialists in the country, and abroad, in the shortest period possible and in one place? Focusing on the selection of adequate treatments MCT finds precisely the right specialization and superior education of physicians. Superior treatments associated with superior accommodation and amenities provide the best possible treatment for the patient!”