After 10 years of activity in Romania, Bio Ortoclinic is one of the greatest clinics of vertebrology of Southern-Eastern Europe, focusing on recovery treatments of the entire locomotor apparatus. 

We have highly efficient devices, specialized staff and a quality management of the highest standards. Every person coming to us – so far almost 11,000 patients -, V.I.P.s or regular people, all with issues concerning the joints, the upper or lower limbs, the basin, or with back pains, have felt this high quality standard by the results that they obtained, by the recommendations that they received and by the attention that the medical staff has given to them.

At Bio Ortoclinic, we are treating all sorts of issues related to the vertebral spine, beginning with discus hernia, discopathy, scoliosis, spondylosis, lombosciatics, lumbago, kyphosis, Scheuermann’s disease, spondylolisthesis and many others, and we have the best equipment to provide medical recovery after the surgeries of orthopedics.


    The vertebral mobilization addresses all the segments of the vertebral spine.
    By vertebral mobilization, we are aiming at:

    • Mobilizing every disco-vertebral segment;
    • Restoring ligament elasticity;
    • Restoring micro-circulation;
    • Improving disc hydratation;
    • Reducing the vertebral subluxation;
    • Correctibng the vertebral axis.

    The vertebral mobilization, together with the tridimensional decompression of the vertebrae, represents the ~golden standard~ in the non-surgical treatment of vertebral spine diseases.


    The tridimensional decompression (elongation) of the vertebrae represents the ~high-tech~ version of traction or elongation. It is a noncommercial method of treatment of vertebral spine diseases which creates a vacuum or negative pressure effect inside the discs. This vacuum helps discs hydrate, createing an environment for healing.

    At the same time, the decompression (elongations) leads to the increase in height of the intervetrebral space.

    Another mechanism by which it acts is the elongation of vertebral spine ligaments leading to the unblocking of disco-vertebral segments and creating space to increase the disc in volume.


    The shock wave therapy, the electro-therapy, the magneto-therapy, laser therapy, therapy by short pulsatile waves, ultrasound therapy.

    Treaments after distorsions and bruises, arthrotomies, synovectomies, arthroplasties of all kinds, forced mobilization of joints, operated fractures, decompression surgeries, intervention on soft parts, tumor surgeries.


    After the initial, causal and antialgic treatment performed in our clinic by vertebral decompression, vertebral mobilization, physiotherapy, we are maintaining the therapeutic response on the long run by means of the new concept, of the state-of-the-art devices. It addresses the small, deep, para-vertebral muscles, ~stuck~ to the spine, which is less worn out in the daily life, when we use more the large muscle groups and large joints. This is why in most patients it is precisely these small muscles, which are the most atrophied and undeveloped, namely the multifidus group, the inter-transversal ~rotating~ muscles.

    The general functional image of the back includes measurable features in terms of sufficient mobility, bvalanced force, optimal muscular strength.

    All these are assessed and quantified by means of the new concept developed in Germany and brought to Romania, made of six devices thet restore the deep para-vertebral, cervical-thoracic-lumbar muscles.

  • PRP

    The injection of platelet-rich plasma (PRP = platelet-rich-plasma) is a revolutionary treatment based on a simple idea: to use the internal resources of each body to cure and renew tissues. Among the most important factors involved in these complex precesses, are the platelets (or thrombocytes), cells that are found in the blood and which intervene at once after every trauma, stopping the bleeding (initiating the coagulation process) and curing the plagues.

    Platelets are small tanks containing over 40 growth factors involved in the regeneration of the fascia and of the epithelial tissue, in the increase of the collagen production, in the creation of new blood vessels. The PRP infiltration (platelet-rich plasma) acts in accordance with the natural healing process of the body.


    The team of the French company, Framiral, installed in our clinic the Multitest Balance Platform. This is the most important part of the department “Vertigo and Posture ” managed by Ramona Pavel, physiotherapist over-specialized in neurosciences and treatment of dysfunctions of the inner ear.

    The platform provides to the patient that gets treatment in our clinic natural conditions disturbing the proprioceptive information. By offering the natural conditions causing unbalance, falling or tilting, the Multitest Platform provides us with all the sensorial information of diagnosis and recovery as regards persons suffering from vertigo, dizziness, loss of balance, motility issues or sickness caused by transportation means.

    The software gathers and processes in efficient statistics all the information of the past sessions, so that the patient may follow the positive evolution of the treatment. The entire testing system may be used both for children, and for adults of all ages.


    We treat:

    • Back pain disc
    • Hernia
    • Discopathy
    • Scoliosys
    • Spondylitis
    • Lombosciatics
    • Lumbago
    • Kyphosis
    • Scheuermann’s disease
    • Spondylolisthesis
    • Plantar aponeurosis
    • Calcaneal exostosis
    • Achilles tendinitis
    • Scapulohumeral periarthritis
    • Patellar and cvadricipital tendinopathy
    • Polyarthrose
    • Epicodylitis
    • Post-traumatic and post-surgical
    • Medical recovery