UNIQUE SMILE is a dental care center in Sibiu, Romania, founded in 2014. Our purpose is enhacing a modern concept of dentistry.Our philosophy is patient oriented, and caring about his needs. We created a pleasent ambiance, by focusing on detalis. We invested in higher standard and modern equipments, organized in 3 dental officies and one radiology center We focused on well trained medical team. Each team member is dedicated by passion, and we think this is the strenght and the meaning of a medical act without compromise.

Out motto “We make it visible”, reflects our final target regarding the patient. American Academy Of Cosmetic Dentistry reveals that 89% of patientsask for dental tratments to enhace their self esteem and for a good fizic aspect. Both have a big social impact, influencing quality life. We set out to be near the patients who choose us, to turn this journey into the most beautiful and safe road to success. We open our eyes, listen carefully and understand the emotion of each patient.

We pay special attention to dental services for children, orthodontic treatments (for children and adults) as well as dental cosmetic treatments. Because we think it is better to prevent than to heal, we pay attention and the prevention system, and we offer a free high quality toothbrush at each dental cleaning procedure.

Because we thought about the patient and the medical team confort, we provided a dental imaging center inside the clinic. Thus, the dental radiology equipment is a digital one, provides a superior image quality, with a low dose of radiation. The radiology device provides comfort at first consultation and immediate postoperative control. Patients do not need to leave the office for this investigation.

We are the only dental care center in Sibiu that offers the convenience of having all branches attached to dentistry in the same location, thinking about the time and availability of patients.

Become one of our patients and you will be convinced of any of the above. We offer different dental procedures, by qualified dentists and dedicated nurses.

• Prophylaxis
• Pedodontics (pediatric dentistry)
• Orthodontics ( also Clear Aligner, Incognito, Self ligating braces)
• Prosthodontics (dental crowns)
• Cosmetic Dentistry (bleaching procedures, with Biolase laser or Beyond tehnique)
• Odontology
• Periodontology
• Endodontics ( Microscope Root Canal Treatments)
• Facial Aestethics ( Facial Rejuvennation, PRGF-Endoret, Hyaluronic Acid)