Company overview
Trident Clinic was founded in 2004 and since then until today, the desire for self-improvement and achieving excellence motivates us to be the best from all points of view: staff, equipment, materials, dental works and professional image.

Thus, it is worth remembering that:

  • We were the first clinic where the patients were treated on specific stages of treatment

Who are we?

  • We offer our patients 6 modern dental offices, 20 dedicated practitioners (including important names like Prof. Dr. Constantin Varlan-President of Society of Eshetic Dentistry of Romania, Dr. Florin Lazarescu-Vice President of the European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry).
  • The effcient dental equipment from our clinic allows us to achieve the best results in record time; we have got a radiology room, a computed tomography machine, a training room, postoperative recovery room, Zeiss endodontic microscopes, CAD-CAM technology, special sterilization room.
  • We were the developer of the „Best Endodontics” concept, which is a niche dental service focused on specialization in endodontics.
  • We are a founding member of the Society of Esthetic Dentistry in Romania (professional association with 1,000 members which organizes annualy the International Congress of Esthetic Dentistry)

We have got:

  • Know how & tools
  • Specialized human resources: doctors, nurses
  • Management for general dental services and niche dental services
  • Constant investment in the cutting-edge equipment (having a partnership with SEDR, over the past two years we have made acquisitions worth over 250,000 euro, including: computed tomography machine, CAD-CAM technology)
  • We are the only clinic in Bucharest that meets all the facilities in one place

We aim to distinguish ourselves through professionalism and high quality services which are based on a set of values to a high level of exigency. Thus, professionalism defines each service we provide.

The desire for self-improvement and to achieve excellence in the field in which we operate, motivates us to be at our best from all points of view: staff, devices, materials, works. No effort is too high when you propose yourself to be the best.

The high standards that we have set for ourselves are found in every sector of our business and are backed by perseverance in striving to change things for the better, even if this thing involves a constant struggle with mentalities, convenience or resignation around us.

Each intervention is a moment of vision based on thorough knowledge and analysis, and the detailed explanations aimed at reaching a decision in full agreement with the customer, represents the starting point for a relationship based on responsability and trust.

Each of us takes seriously the mission to influence people’s lives for the better and we do not make an industry of our job. Each time, we consider the human being standing in front of us , with his personality and needs. We respect human dignity. We want to help people to have better lives. We refuse to surrender ourselves to routine, fatigue, dullness.

We want to be a solid structure, which provides to its customers the experience of a new dimension of professionalism. The seriousness that we show in exercising the role that we have undertaken in the field of health is completed by our desire to treat each patient with respect and understanding.

Our desire is to provide a health framework, where things happen as naturally as possible, in any place where people are treated medically: we work with responsibility and care.

We want those who visit us to feel completely secure. From the very beginning we have set the ethical value to do everything in our power. We are delighted to be able to do this thing every day.

  • Orthodontics

    How do we differ
    We understand that the orthodontic treatment of each patient is different and we promise to provide you the personal attention that you deserve.
    In our clinic the orthodontic treatment is not considered a simple cosmetic action of teeth alignment but includes elements of detailed diagnosis, a thorough and verified treatment mechanics , and the latest orthotondic progress for treating the whole dental-facial complex.

    Qualified physicians
    Our orthodontists attended numerous courses and post-graduate training programs being ready to provide you a complete orthodontic treatment that will provide you both the perfect smile, but paying equal attention to the correction of your bite, or possible pathologies of the temporomandibular joints.

    Excellent results
    As excellent results require a careful planning, our orthodontists believe in visualizing the final result prior to starting the treatment. The thorough and accurate diagnoses, the detailed study of all aspects of clinical cases and the development of a proper treatment plan lead to a shorter treatment duration, to better outcomes and to a long-term stability of the result.

  • Prophylaxis

    Prophylaxis Services
    Prophylaxis has become a necessity today, perhaps more than ever, in order to prevent the occurrence of certain diseases or complications of certain diseases, which are difficult to treat later, and extremely painful. Trident Clinic also helps you with guidance on oral hygiene (proper brushing techniques, use of silk thread interdentally, use of special interdental brushes, hygiene of movable and fixed prostheses, hygiene of implants works)

    A variety of prophylactic maneuvers

    • Prophylaxis of periodontal diseases (mouth showers, proper use of mouthwash)
    • Bacterial plaque control
    • Sealing grooves and fissures
    • Ultrasonic scaling and professional brushing
    • Fluoridation in special mouth guards

    Prophylaxis advantages

    • Removes effectively the bacterial plaque and tartar buildups that cannot be removed through a simple brushing
    • Reduces the risk of periodontal diseases outbreak (gingivitis, periodontal disease)
    • Reduces the risk of gingival recession (which implicitly reduces tooth sensitivity, bleedings)
    • It is a simple, affordable and extremely useful procedure, that should not be ignored, recommended to be performed at every 6 months.
  • Pedodontics

    Children’s teeth treatment
    Children’s teeth treatments are essential because the early loss of temporary teeth can cause various complications of eruption of permanent teeth, with repercussions in adulthood. Therefore, the early treatment of any diseases is extremely important, as using some modern methods that prevent cavities occurrence on early ages. Also, children should be educated from early ages for the proper tooth care.

    Children’s teeth
    Children’s teeth is sensitive and needs special care. The harmonious development of the teeth depend on factors including diet,oral hygiene, and genetic factors. Taking your children to a dentist specialized in pedodontics is extremely important, because the improper dental treatment may have consequences throughout the whole life.

    Trident Clinic provides you

    • Prophylaxis and curative treatments
    • prophylaxis of jaws dental abnormalities
    • prevention of cavities and gum diseases
    • Bacterial plaque control
    • Indications for the proper oral hygiene and tooth brushing
  • Dental Prosthetics

    Prosthetic Treatments
    Prosthetic treatments are a very important category of dentistry, as they involve the restoration or replacement of one or more teeth that either have their lost functional ability, or they have been completely lost from arches, after the progress of the decay process.

    The most common prosthetic treatments

    • Prosthetic works (crowns, dental bridges) of noble, half noble metals, dental ceramics
    • Mobile or movable prostheses
    • Classic skeletal prostheses or with special systems
    • Ceramic or composite veneers
    • Crowns on implants
    • Treatment of occlusal balance
    • Inlays of noble metals or ceramics
  • Odontology

    Dentristry treatments
    Dentistry treatments include a variety of maneuvers meant to improve and heal various teeth pains from simple cavities to their complications, affecting the pulp and the teeth paradentium. An important part of these treatments is represented by the final stage of restoring the structure and functionality of the respective teeth, by using some aesthetic materials and highsound techniques, all of these contributing to achieving a satisfactory aesthetic result for the patient.

    The most common maneuvers used by Trident Clinic

    • Complex and full treatment of cavities and dental pains; The treatment is performed under local anesthesia, without pains, using high sound materials and technology.
    • Light-cured aesthetic fillings
    • Treatment of dental hypersensitivity
    • Use of bio-materials or the crown fillings in order to preserve tooth vitality
    • Root restorations using modern techniques, of condensation and not irritant sealing materials
  • Periodontology

    Periodontology – gum disease treatment
    Gum disease is a common dental problem that can lead to tooth loss. Gingivitis (gums inflammation) and periodontitis (periodontal disease) are the most common types of gum disease in adults cases. Due to severe complications that may arise, treating these diseases in early stages is of utmost importance.

    Trident Clinic provides you

    • Gum diseases prophylaxis
    • Gingivitis and periodontitis treatment
    • Occlusal equilibration treatment of periodontal teeth
    • Mucous paradontal surgery treatment (flap surgeries, root planing)
  • Dental Radiology

    Dental radiology services
    The term dental radiology is actually referring to the X-ray that is used to print the image on the film. The radiograph or photo is the result of the image that we see. Radiograph is an extremely significant diagnosis element. These images show the dentist many aspects that are not visible on the simple examination of the mouth. Therefore, radiographs are an essential part of a thorough and complete examination. In order to perform a proper examination it is important that radiographs are used, in addition to visual examination. When both means are improperly used , there results an inferior examination, thus a precarious treatment.

    High Performance Radiological Devices
    The radiological devices of Trident Clinic are equipped with technical optimizations of 2012 generation, tested under the most rigorous conditions, for radioactivity measurement, providing high quality standards, ISO 9001 certificates and provide high-resolution images that allow performing some complete imaging diagnosis within all dentristry specialties.

    Radiology for all specialties

    • Dental status
    • Biten film
    • Retroalveolar X-Rays
    • Individual perapical X-Rays
    • Panoramic X-Rays
    • Incidents specific to oral surgery and to implantology
    • Cephalometric X-Rays
  • Maxillofacial Surgery

    A necessity for saving the teeth
    Dental surgical maneuvers are imposed as a necessity in case we need to save teeth affected by severe complications of certain disorders, as well as in preparing the favorable field for subsequent prosthetic restorations.

    Surgical maneuvers

    • tooth extraction
    • periodontal surgery
    • apical resection
    • odontectomies and cystectomies

    Implantology maneuvers

    • restoring a single tooth (without being necessary polishing of gap restricting teeth)
    • bridges on implants
    • dentures on implants