Swiss Ecodent Klinik is the only dental care facility in Romania that benefits from Swiss “know-how”. Based on this unique feature, the clinic offers its patients, both Romanian and foreign, access to services and treatments that are in line with the highest level of innovation, precision and professionalism available in Swiss dental clinics.

Launched in 2011, Swiss Ecodent’s core values are based on respect for patients’ needs and well-being. To achieve its mission, the clinic has constantly invested in state-of-the-art equipment and premium materials as well as in building an outstanding, high-performance medical team, trained in accordance with Swiss standards and providing personalized treatment to each patient.

The clinic’s coordinator is Dr. Christian Marmandiu, with international expertise and over 28 years of experience in areas such as surgery, implantology, parodontology, laser therapy and facial esthetics, with over 100 diplomas and certificates obtained in Germany, Switzerland, France, Romania, Italy, Austria, Arab Emirates, USA, Hungary, The Principalities of Monaco and Lichtenstein, Thailand and Spain.

The innovative spirit dominating the clinic’s activity is not limited to its dental services. To mark its fifth anniversary in Romania, the clinic launched a therapeutic music project called “Art meets art”, specially created for patients who suffer from dentophobia and for children, representing a first such initiative in the Romanian market. The music was created to provide a therapeutic effect and it has been used during surgeries and during regular dental treatments, when necessary.

Apart from the music therapy project, the clinic has also launched the oral cancer prevention program. Under the program, all patients receive free of charge examination with the ORAL ID device. This is the only such device in the world certified by the American Dental Association, which can detect any kind of early-stage oral cancer in just two minutes.

In addition, Swiss Ecodent offers its patients a ten-year warranty for dental work made in Romania and a 25-year warranty on Swiss-made personalized dental prosthesis.

Its top-grade equipment, its team of specialists with international training and competences, its integrated medical services, its Swiss vision reflected both in the coordination of operations and in the quality and precision of its personalized services, the warranty offered on its services, the financial incentives available for various dental treatments and the free-of-charge patient transport service, represent part of the attributes defining the professionalism, ethic value and high standards that characterize the Swiss Ecodent clinic.

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