The Oral Design Dental Clinic is a new and modern clinic in Alba Iulia, which operates at international standards. The modern and welcoming dental clinic promotes a concept that is successfully applied in Western countries: respect for our patients and trade!

At our clinic every patient is welcomed with a lot of smiles, respect and professionalism. Moreover, at Oral Design we can please even the most demanding clients: children. We Promote a healthy lifestyle and children age specific profilactic treatments to ensure the dental health that is so important for their development. The little patient will be welcomed in an environment where he or she will not be afraid of the dental practitioner and will be treated with a lot of attention and smiles.

The dental clinic for adults and children is equiped with state of the art equipment and a waiting room that also includes a playground for children. We want you to feel comfortable and safe at our clinic, and oral hygiene to become a priority in so that it becomes a healthy habit.

The patient’s health is very important to us this is why after each treatment or consolation, we ensure the best condition for the sterilization of the tools we use. A correct sterilization is done for bith the tools as well as the working surfaces the patient made contact with and has the purpose of removing harmful patogens to your health.

Our team applies drastic measures in doing dental treatments under extreme hygienic conditions and under secure safety.

What we do at our clinic:

– Dental Esthetcs;
– Dental Implants;
– Orthodontics / Dental Bracelets;
– Endodontics;
– Oral Surgery;
– Prothetics;
– Parodontology
– Dental Technique

At our clinic you can find a modern dental technique laboratory with a team of 10 tOechnicians

Our technicians have the proper training to do all prothetic worjs. The range of restaurations is very wide, the team of specialists is focused on delivery all types of dental restaurations because we are committed to fulfill our pationt’s needs.

The success of our technicians is due to their skills, axperience and professionalism in creating comfortable and easy to use products.

Oral Design Dental Clinic – the best choice for your family!