Mega Dental Clinic

Welcome to the MEGA DENTAL Clinic Brasov

Your VISIT at our dental clinic organized by dental tourism agency,MED CONCIERGE TRAVEL will allow you to get quality dental and accessible to all and a unique holiday in Romania!

Indeed, our dentists in France and Romania will be very pretentious in developing your treatment plan.
A quality relationship will be established with the patient before a treatment plan is implemented, through a consultation in our office in France and a panoramic radiography.
Our dental tourism agency organizes your stay (accommodation, transportation and administrative and medical follow-up)

MEGA Dental Clinic is equipped with the latest technology.
Strict protocols for dental care.

Development and monitoring in France in one of our clinics.
The certainty of being able to contact our Dental Tourism Agency,Med Concierge
Travel by phone at any time!

For your trip, to better process your dossier, fill out the contact form, we will contact you and you will be able to ask any question you want.
You can also send us the following documents in advance:
• A panoramic radiography (if you have a recent one)
• Pictures of teeth.
• Details if you know, the dental care you need.
Radiographic panoramic is essential for establishing a treatment plan.
It's a complete radiograph of teeth, jaws and sinuses.
For a detailed plan, you may need to send us a 3D scan.
These items are essential but, in any case, can not replace a clinic consultation
with our specialists who will be responsible for dental care during your stay.
Transport and accommodation:
With our representative, you will arrange an appointment at the dental clinic in France. This will be your first consultation. This consultation is of course free of charge. Once the date has been agreed, you will need to book your flight and give us the dates and details of your flight (flight number, time, terminal). ..). Once this information has been received, we will confirm by e-mail in turn that everything is in order.
You will then receive a summary of your travel with the dates of your accommodation. (if reserved by us).

Note that we respond and confirm all correspondence. Also, if you have not received any responses to your emails, feel free to call us. Our driver will pick you up from the hotel to drive you to the clinic and then drive you back to the hotel. You can also count on him to go to the city to visit. You also have the possibility to stay where you want and choose the hotel or any other type of accommodation.

We are aware of the communication problem in Romania, so you will be accompanied as soon as you arrive at the airport and we will take care of your arrival (regardless of arrival time, terminal, arrival day) MegaDental Clinic and Med Concierge Travel, systematically offers all transfers from the airport to partner hotels or dental clinic. So the driver will meet you on arrival and will drive you to either the clinic for your first consultation or the hotel if the flight arrives in the late afternoon or evening. For your return no matter what day, hour, our drivers will ensure your transfer. Our on-site teams will always ensure that your dental vacation is as enjoyable as possible and will make you feel as comfortable as possible. Doing dental care abroad can be stressful. That's why Dental Clinic staff will always be able to answer your travel requests and facilities available in and around the hotel. Once there, do not hesitate to ask Dental Clinic Teams for any questions about dental care, dental travel, and your stay in Romania MegaDental Clinic and Dental Travel Agency, Med Concierge Travel without
compromise on quality of care. Dental care has become practically inaccessible in Europe, Dental Clinic, Dental Travel Agency, has decided to offer you what is best for an acceptable price. The Dental Clinic and the Dental Tourism Agency are not a regular clinic by modernizing and improving the quality of care experienced dentists. At the MegaDental Clinic, you will be personally received and tracked during your dental care by the same dentist and a medical case assistant to help you with the best approach before and after your return. We'll take time to listen to you and explain the different solutions for dental care.

The area of ​​expertise of our dentists Specialization is the main requirement within your dental tourism agency. Dentists specializing in their field: orthodontist, periodontologist, implantologist, work as a medical team at the Dental Clinic. Everyone practices their specialty exclusively. Cosmetic dentistry is not officially recognized as a specialist with its degree in
Europe, despite all of us, some of our dentists are, of course, specialized in this field for advanced dentistry.