At the Magic Smile dental clinic, we love your charming smile and we want to give it all the attention and care to showcase its natural magic. You can not believe ,you can go with the smile on your dentist, right? Let's convince you!

Come to us, let us know, tell you and see what beautiful things we can do together. We expect you with the whole family, from the smallest to the biggest, and you will see from the first free meeting that we do not believe in patients but in friends who visit us with love.

At Magic Smile Dental Clinic we can almost give up the word "clinical", but we do not do it, because let's not forget, we are here first of all for your smile and he needs 100% professional treatment.

For this, we use the most advanced and modern equipment that can perform wonders in the hands of our specialist physicians with over 15 years experience in the field and who are always up to date with the latest dental trends.

They have the right solution for any problem, from general dentistry and oro-maxilo-facial surgery to pedodontics, orthodontics or microscopic endodontics to dental aesthetics, periodontics or prosthetics. And after your smile has received the best treatment, we want to make sure that it keeps its shine in time. That's why Dr. Floriana Tudorache and her whole team will be at your disposal with tips, guidelines and all you need to know to enjoy as much as possible.