Ivory Clinic

IVORY clinic was incepted in 2013 and ever since it had the goal to perform the best available dental treatments at the least expensive price possible. The clinic is located in the most developed district of Bucharest, at 150m from 4-star Caro hotel, a very convenient accommodation “garden hotel”.

In order to reach our main goal, we selected only the best doctors from the 2007-2013 generations that were both young enough to adapt to a new clinic concept and make the effort to learn the latest medicine and old enough to provide enough experience and understanding of challenges of the best dental medicine.

We also employed modern yet proved dental techniques that can really perform for the spent Euro by the patients. For instance, we refused to invest in advanced lasers that cost a lot and provide questionable results, sometimes questionable in medical terms (they do not really sterilize a periodontal infected mouth) and sometimes questionable in terms of costs (the same thing can be achieved much less expensive and with minimal discomfort by using classic instruments). This means we refused to go fancy when there is no reason to charge more our patients. At the same time, we liked a lot the research made by BTI Institute in Spain that developed the original PRGF plasma treatments in surgery. Even after some copycats appeared on the market we are not convinced to switch over as professor Anitua from BTI institute really developed a robust surgery protocol that is also affordable for any patient we might get.

We also decided to use the most modern protocols in dentistry to keep the clinic status at the top of the field. We only use the latest in endodontics, orthodontics, prosthetics and ocluzology and periodontics. As such we trained our doctors at top of the field institutions such as BTI Institute, Université de Montpellier, Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry, Zahnärztekammer Niedersachsen Hannover, etc.

We found that the best treatment is not about most fancy products. Getting only the top of the art and most expensive implants will not guarantee the treatment success. Getting the best protocol performed by the knowledgeable doctors will have maximum impact even with mainstream implants. At this time, we know how to maximize results while minimizing the cost.
We proudly deliver the best available treatment at mainstream prices, period!