Dental Garant is not just a dental clinic. We believe that we can turn the ”dentist visit” experience in a pleasant and relaxing meeting.

Dental Garant realizes the importance of a healthy smile.
We know how hard and frustrating is, to hide that smile just because your teeth are not in the best shape or state.

Our team is here just for you and you will gladly find that we take care of our patients in a very different manner.
Our high grade of professionalism and chilled attitude is very well mixed with efficiency, making your visit as pleasant and short as possible

” Me, Dr. Daniela Gruia will guarantee that our clinic services relate only on the highest technology and the quality of our work will be irreproachable. “

In the year 2012, after almost 15 years of activity, from witch 2 years in Italy and 3 in Holland, I can really say that I had the pleasure and devotion to treat with success over 10.000 patients.

I am a very work oriented and devoted person, always connected at the latest news, materials and technology, related with the dental environment.

I’ve started my activity in the year 1988 at “Policlinica 1″ in Bucharest, knowing since then, that my ambition is to work at the highest standards and bring back to my patients that healthy smile they deserve.

Guided by this will, I’ve accepted the challenge to work in Holland and Itally, and learning the latest treatment methods.

In 2011, the year when Dental Garant opened it’s doors, the experience of each of our team member represented a strong guarantee of our services and quality of our work.

Our strong bond is based on years and years of experience, but most of all by the will of making each patient a happy person.

We invite you to make a visit to our clinic anytime you want.
Dental Garant is here just for you and your healthy smile!

  • Cosmetic Dentistry

    • Professional teeth whitening
    • Porcelain veneers
    • Integral ceramic
    • Zirconium dental veneers
    • No prep dental veneers (no polishing)
    • Lumineers
  • Dental Consultation

  • Dental Implantology

    • Immediate prosthetic implants
    • Dental implants
  • Dental Surgery

    • Dental extractions
    • Apical resections
    • Cystectomies
    • Odontectomy
    • Transplanting
    • Mobile auxiliary surgical prosthetics
    • Treatment of dental-maxillary abnormalities
    • Sinus Lift (internal / external)
  • Orthodontics

    • Dental braces (fixed / mobile)
  • Pediatric Dentistry

  • Endodontics

  • Periodontology

    • Periodontal surgery
    • Dental hygiene and prophylaxis
  • Sleeping Dentistry

  • Dental Radiology

  • Dental Prosthetics

    • Porcelain with metal stand (cobalt,chrome or gold plated) dental prosthetics
    • Porcelain on zirconium support dental prosthetics
    • Porcelain without metal stand dental prosthetics
    • Incrustations
    • Ceramic or composite facets
    • Implant supported dental prosthetics
    • Acrylics dentures (partial / total)
    • Skeletal prostheses