Dental Crown is a dental clinic with over 15 years of tradition in dentistry rooted in Israel and which continues its development by opening its doors in Romania (Bucharest and Vaslui).

The great personality of the founder of the clinic, Dr. Jaser Darawsha, dento-alveolar surgery specialist, has implemented strong values into his entire team so each patient is treated with utmost dedication, professionalism and accountability.

Dental Crown brings a different concept in what concerns the way in which it approaches and handles clients as well as the way in which it establishes a relationship with those who pass its threshold counting both on the superior quality of the performed maneuvers and the creation of sustainable harmonious relationships.

Bringing together a wide range of dental services provided by the competence of its specialists and the quality of the used materials, patients have the opportunity to be treated in a comfortable and soothing environment taking advantage of the best hygienic and sterilization conditions.

The team at Dental Crown takes care of your health and comfort making sure that you have beautiful and healthy teeth at reasonable prices.

You are welcomed!

  • Orthodontics

    Orthodontics is the part of dentistry that provides the placement of the teeth in the dental arches in a normal position. In our clinic we can manufacture the following types of braces:

    • Mobile dental devices: it mainly addresses children during the period of mixed dentition (permanent and temporary teeth). These devices influence the growth of maxillary bones and help with the elimination of certain bad habits (infantile swallowing, finger sucking, etc)
    • Fixed braces

    Fixed braces can also be varied:

    • Metal Braces
    • Ceramic Braces
    • Speed braces
    • Lingual braces (invisible)
  • Endodontics

    Endodontics is the specialty that deals with root canal treatment (popularly known as canal treatment). It is a very important branch because a proper endodontic treatment can make the difference between a long preserved tooth arch and a rapid progression towards extraction.

  • Pedodontics

    Pedodontics or infant dentistry deals with dental diseases encountered in the case of children with deciduous (milk teeth) or mixed teeth (permanent teeth mixed with milk teeth). Pedodontics features different adult dentistry aspects both from a local perspective – children’s teeth are different from adult teeth – and a general perspective – the presence of a developing organism.

  • Parodontology

    Sometimes damage to the gums and the bone supporting the teeth can occur, followed by their removal and the elimination of the teeth roots through teeth mobility. This is the periodontal disease (popularly known as ‘periodontitis’) and which occurs due to multiple local and general causes. Left untreated, the periodontal disease becomes much more complicated due to the loss of teeth.

  • Dento-alveolar surgery

    Dento-alveolar surgery is the surgery of the dental alveolar bone supporting the teeth and also known as the alveolar bone. In addition to oral implantology which is an independent subject, the clinic can perform dental extractions, included teeth extractions and apical resections.

  • Dental Prosthetics

    Dental Prosthetics deals with the replacement of missing teeth by fixed or movable prostheses. Lately, with the development of implantology and aesthetics, dental patients prefer fixed prostheses due to their superior aesthetic appearance and improved comfort as well as their functionality which is similar to the one featured by natural teeth.

  • Oral Implantology

    Oral implantology is the most modern dental treatment method and deals with inserting artificial roots in jaw bones in areas where teeth have been lost.

  • Aesthetic Dentistry

    Aesthetics is the science that studies the laws and categories of art perceived as the highest form of creation and perception of beauty. When the shape, size, contour or color of your teeth suffer and they do not meet your needs, the aesthetic dentistry procedures come to the rescue.

  • Oro-dental prophylaxis

    In modern society, in which the so-called “Hollywood smile” is one of the most important components of personal aesthetics, the preservation of the health of natural teeth has become a priority. No material can overcome the perfection of healthy tooth enamels and of healthy gums.