What can I do to have healthy teeth? A visit to Delta Smile! The Delta Smile Clinic offers complete dental services on a 24-hour basis.

Delta Smile – Non-Stop Dental Clinic

Objectives of the Delta Smile Dental Clinic
The objective of Delta Smile Clinic is to provide dental services at the highest standards and to give patients the opportunity to gain oral health and the smile they want.
We believe that only through passion, patience and patient care we can achieve these goals. We want our relationships with patients to be open, warm, lasting, in order to create a relaxing atmosphere in which we can work efficiently and also with pleasure. Thus, the patients will be able not to fear about the visit to the dentists and they will come to a place where they will be greeted with warmth and will be treated with care.
We believe in the continuing education of our physicians because only in this way patients will benefit from the most modern treatment techniques and will have the guarantee of excellent results, regardless of the complexity of the case.

From dental emergencies to dental aesthetics

The work of the dental team Delta Smile
The Delta Smile team’s specialization ensures the health of your teeth in the most complex cases, from dental emergencies to dental aesthetics that will give back your smile and your self-confidence.
Each treatment is done by a specialist, under the supervision of a doctor who will coordinate your case.

Next to us you will have healthy teeth and you will be more confident and happier!

Dental Services – Dental Aesthetics

Teeth whitening
The tooth whitening procedure is the one that will give you the bright smile you want! It is a medical procedure that uses solutions and technologies specific to bleaching. Prior to any whitening procedure, it is advisable to thoroughly clean the teeth in order to get the best result of dental bleaching. The whitening procedure is done in 2 sessions and involves the activation of the whitening gel with a professional lamp. Despite the fact that the Internet abounds with teeth whitening tips, we recommend you ask the opinion a specialist, because the use of inappropriate whitening gels can damage dental enamel and gums, affecting the health and even the appearance of your teeth on long term.

Dental Reconstruction
Dental reconstruction, in most cases, consists in the repair of the teeth that are scraped or broken. There are two ways to achieve the construction, depending on the degree of tooth damage: by the dentist who applies and shapes the composite material, which has the same color as the patient’s teeth or through the realization of dental veneers or dental crowns made by a dental technician, in both cases they are applied over natural teeth.