About Our Clinic
Smiling is your first business card.
As true as possible, a beautiful smile brings joy, light and beauty.
Dental clinic Corina Dent has gained a reputation in dental medicine in Constanta through professionalism, experience, responsibility and competence.in professionalism, experience, responsibility and competence.
Here, you will find the clinic you need to be able to display the beautiful, much desired smile.
Corina Dent can be proud of the latest generation of dental technology.
It has a dental laboratory, dental products of the highest quality, which make the visit to our dental office not to be accompanied by the well-known fear.
Dental Clinic Constanta
Corina Dent Dental Clinic offers the best dental services and treatments at affordable prices to all patients.
The team of dentists with whom it welcomes you is one that relies exclusively on a great deal of professionalism, competence, experience and extraordinary collaboration with its patients making them feel safe in this dental clinic.
The dental clinic Corina Dent is equipped with several dental surgeries, ultra modern appliances, and its dentists provide the following services: dental implant, endodontics, prosthetics, dental radiographs, periodontics, oral surgery, etc., all depending on the needs of his patients.