Casa Denti has invested for you in the most modern dental technology existing in a dental office in Timisoara

Casa Denti benefits from a team of professionals with multiple specializations and the ultramodern endowment needed for dental treatments at the highest level. Here is the Trivodent Dental Clinic, the Degu Dentis Labor Dental Laboratory and the Radiology Clinic – “THB Group”. We are constantly developing and modernizing, not forgetting the profoundly human side of our profession.

A dental clinic at the highest technological, logistical and organizational level.
We love tradition and respect quality.
We promote competition and performance.
We’re socially involved.
A dental clinic with 100% Romanian capital.

Casa Denti provides dental services for prevention and modern treatment to the highest international professional standards.

– Dental aesthetics
Caries solving and replacement of metal fillings with composite materials
Incrustations (inlay, onlay)
Direct or indirect faceting
Dental bleaching using professional whitening gels
Fully ceramic crowns for maximum natural effect
Dental jewelry

– Oral surgery
Tooth extraction
Odontectomy of the included teeth
Apical resection
Periodontal surgery
Plastic gingival surgery
Preoperative surgical treatment

– Implantology
Bone Augmentation
Reconstruction of the bone crest
Sinus internal / external lift

– Protect
The In-Line ceramic crown
Emax ceramic crown on zirconia
The ceramic crown Emax falls
The ceramic crown E Max press
Inlay, onlay
Provisional CAD / CAM crown
Movable and mobilizable prostheses
Implant prosthesis works

– Ontothetherapy
Treatment of carious processes
Treatment of fractures
Treatment of wear injuries
Physiological fillings

– Orthodontics
Mobile devices
Fixed devices

– Pedodontics
Extraction of temporary teeth
Sealing temporary / permanent teeth
Prophylaxis of dento-maxillary abnormalities
Space mentoring
Prevention of caries and gum disease
Bacterial plaque control
Indications for dental brushing and correct oral hygiene

– Prophylaxis
Professional hygiene (scraping, brushing)
Sanitation with airflow
Bacterial plaque control
Indications for dental brushing and correct oral hygiene
Treating dental hypersensitivity
Nutritional counseling
Sealing ditches and beaks

– Radiology
Panoramic radiography
Retroalveolar radiography
Digital radiography

– Anesthesia
Local anesthesia
General anesthesia
inhalation sedation

– Facial aesthetics
Treatment of botulinum toxin expression wrinkles
Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid
Treatment of wrinkles with hyaluronic acid
Volume of cheekbones
Delete circles

– Dental tourism
Tourist services (pick-up, accommodation, transport)
Tourist Attractions